“There isn’t any good or bad, everything is either a product of pure awareness or sheer ignorance”                                Ramana Pemmaraju

  The first step of our daily journey with diabetes begins with awareness. Prior to the development of CGM, it took a minute or more to stop what I was doing and c...

I was cordially invited to present a Zoom recorded discussion of Sugar Surfing to the SoCal Loopers Facebook group on Sunday August 23rd. We had a global audience in attendance. I wish to thank Joanne Milo and her wonderful administration team for hosting and moderating this event. You can view the video here: 


Remember the complementary Sugar S...

Sugar Surfing™ is based on rapid visual pattern recognition as one glances at a CGM trendline pattern. The interpretation of the trend can change “in the moment” and is influenced by the relative significance of the trending pattern in relation to very recent, ongoing, and immediately anticipated actions of the Surfer (insulin, food, activity, stress, medications).

There are 6...

Imagine you are an experienced and confident baseball shortstop. Your position on the field allows for lots of “in the moment” choices to be made during the game. You are continuously aware of the following: 1) the player at bat, 2) what you know about the batter’s hitting style and power, 3) the number of runners on base, their speed and quickness, 4) the game score at the mo...

Type 1 diabetes often arrives totally unexpected. Shock, denial, fear, and sadness are usual first reactions. For most, the maelstrom of negative emotions swirling around the person and family will significantly influence what happens next. The following are the top 5 things I feel are essential to convey early into the diagnosis: if not at the very first encounter in the emer...

Many questions get sent to me regarding living and managing type 1 diabetes in the Covid-19 'new reality'. 

I will preface this by saying I am no Dr. Fauci, but I’ve appreciated reading about how he lives and the safety principles he follows. I'm a pediatric endocrinologist and not an expert in infectious diseases. But like Fauci (due to his age), I’m considered 'high risk' for...

From the beginning, I've taught that Sugar Surfing™ is NOT a diet. It's a decision making system based on rapid visual analysis of common patterns in a CGM trendline. Recently during a search we came across the blatant misuse of Sugar Surfing™ for an online promotion of a "personalized meal plan" service on a website claiming it was "recommended" by me (see below).

This is FALS...

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A 3 Part Interview With Dr. Ponder
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