As a patient (and later as a physician) I was taught to consider blood sugar management like a mathematical equation. First, gather a blood sugar value. Next, calculate the carbohydrates to be eaten, then calculate a meal time insulin dose (or snack time insulin dose) to be injected in response to the first two calculations, plus a 'correction dose' for the difference between...

2018 inaugurates my term as AADE Diabetes Educator of the Year.

"Honored" can't describe the feeling of being the first physician certified diabetes educator (MD-CDE) to receive this national recognition. Having never been the "first" of anything, this will be a very special and unique experience.

As part of this award, I will be traveling to several regional AADE (American Ass...

The other day, I was discussing Sugar Surfing™ with a t1d teen in clinic. She is a competitive softball player; a pitcher. As I reviewed blood sugar levels on her CGM, most were elevated. Her glucose readings before breakfast were generally in range. But during the day they tended to go up and stay up.

I asked her how many insulin doses she injected each day. Her answer was imm...

A post I read today inspires this question.

Over my half century of living with diabetes I’ve experienced thousands of low blood sugars. Some have been quite severe. Fortunately, my lows are much fewer in severity now that I Sugar Surf. But I still have them from time to time. Sugar Surfing™ has saved me. 

Low blood sugars change our emotional tone. This can happen in many wa...

The ability to establish and keep a steady basal blood sugar trendline pattern (called a “shelf” in Sugar Surfing™ parlance) is an essential step in mastering the art of Dynamic Diabetes Management. Establishing a steady basal insulin effect (i.e., basal neutrality) is vital to long term Sugar Surfing success.

Basal insulin, whether delivered by an injection or an insulin pump,...

Slices of hot pizza are a true delight for most people of all ages. However, those of us with type 1 diabetes often eat pizza with some amount of trepidation. It may even be a food "to be avoided at all costs". Sugar Surfers see pizza as just another glycemic challenge to dominate. 

In this post I will describe how to Sugar Surf a few slices of thin crust pizza. Three to be exa...

Every day, most of us apply Sugar Surfing principles in most areas of our lives. When driving a car, crossing a busy intersection on foot, or even answering the doorbell, we are using the Sugar Surfing process. By this I mean each of these actions involve some application of critical thinking if we are to perform these tasks effectively. And in each of the examples above, our...

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