Pivoting is one of the first Dynamic Diabetes methods used by new Sugar Surfers. How far can self-directed blood sugar trending be taken? In my opinion: all the way to maintaining normal blood sugar trends. As long as you glance and keep your head in the game, Sugar Surfing has NO limits.

Advanced Sugar Surfing invokes the art of micro-dosing. Here is an example of micro-carbin...


Nerd alert! This post contains some really old sci-fi references

This is one of my favorite diabetes teaching posts.

In the 1980’s Star Trek film “The Wrath of Khan”, the iconic Captain Kirk engages in a final “cat and mouse” battle with his nemesis Khan deep with a murky interstellar nebula. Midway through the action sequence, Mr. Spock makes an insightfu...

This is an overused phrase. It's overheard when people discuss theirs or their child’s diabetes. It’s classically said in reference to a static insulin dose, insulin basal rate setting, or insulin/carb dosing algorithm.

 ‘Fine tuning’ is a metaphor referring to the act of adjusting an analog radio channel to the best possible frequency to receive the clearest audio signal from...

  Through the years I've met thousands of families and adults with diabetes of all types and ages. Over the years, I would go on to know many of them very well on a personal level. This life experience has provided me a front row seat to see how others perceive and engage their diabetes (of all types).

A few years ago, Volkswagen advertisers created the “drivers wanted” advert...

Sugar Surfing™ requires “out of the box” thinking. Traditional diabetes education often discourages taking between meal rapid-acting insulin doses, except perhaps for a 2 hour after meal “correction”. This image exemplifies when you can consider taking another rapid-acting insulin dose when the first dose did not result in a desired effect (i.e., an insulin ‘pivot’). 

A 50 mg/d...

El libro Sugar Surfing ™ se ha distribuido globalmente desde 2015. De vez en cuando se realizan solicitudes para su traducción a otros idiomas. Una traducción de libros se puede hacer profesionalmente, pero esto requiere fondos. Sugar Surfing fue originalmente un producto de crowdsourcing. Este post hace una pregunta simple: ¿cuál es el interés en la creación de una versión en...

Sugar Surfing™ was born out of asking a question. After adopting an early generation real-time CGM almost 10 years ago, I was also wearing an old insulin pump (Deltec Cozmo). The question I asked was simple: which one of these two devices attached to my body was more important to me? Both were helpful, but which one could I best do without?

After over 30 years of pumping insuli...

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