When offered a choice between the last chocolate chip cookie in the case or nothing at all that is still a choice (1). But when that cookie is swapped out for your lifesaving devices and medicines is that a choice we can live with?

Sadly, our choices are dwindling.

As a person with diabetes who has lived over a half a century I want to raise the issue of a looming crisis. It's...

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In the world of dynamic diabetes management, blood sugar patterns are everywhere. Once you learn how to identify them; shelves, delta waves, inflections, lags and drops, are quickly seen after a quick glance at the blood sugar trend line. These shapes constitute a geometric language describing a person’s glycemic fingerprint in the moment. By the time my...

Almost everyone has an unread book or two in their home. For many, they continue to purchase new books at a pace that far exceeds their time available to read them. For some, this buying compunction comes out of a sense of guilt with their conscience whispering, "You know you really should read more".

The problem is that simply buying a book is not the same as reading it. And j...

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A 3 Part Interview With Dr. Ponder
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