October 28, 2016

Since antiquity, the practice of medicine has always been about the relationship between a person and their medical practitioner.

Today, this relationship is associated with certain ethical and legal privacy protections to both parties.

It's also a fact that diabetes is a patient managed disease. The individual literally makes hundreds of choices daily which directly or indirect...

October 19, 2016

Not this surfer and not by Mr. Hand. 

Definable and reproducible patterns on CGM blood sugar trend plots are meant to be interpreted and used by a Sugar Surfer for immediate self-care decision making. Looking at these plots often and searching for common patterns is part of the practice of Sugar Surfing. Once competent with this skill, the Surfer begin to apply his/her knowledg...

October 13, 2016

One question I often get asked when first informing a parent that their child or teen has diabetes is "what can he/she eat"?

I happen to know people who love, love, love eating rice cakes. Blech! I try very hard not to share my disgust for those little pieces of cardboard disguised as food. It's not for me to say. Just like my rice cake loving friend, I get to choose what I lov...

October 12, 2016

For this post I pulled an oldie but goodie out of the archives. I wrote this more than 8 years ago and sadly it's still mostly true today. Even for people using CGM, information that should be easier to consider is kept beyond arms reach by the simple design decision of expecting people to login to a website to review reports. Better tools are coming but they take time.

From my...

October 5, 2016

The following post was first published a little more than a year ago. From time to time we still see examples of shaming and even well-meaning people who go too far sharing their 'advice' and opinions. This article has been resurrected because it is one of the top performing articles ever published here at Sugar Surfing and back then we had but a fraction of our following vs....

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