Children mature physically and emotionally at different rates. With children with diabetes this creates a challenge for any adult involved with their care. This brings me to my point: when are kids emotionally ready to assume the full challenge of diabetes self care? And how does emotional maturity impact their physical capabilities for self-management?

A solid...

I have previously explained the most common hormone deficiency in persons with type 1 diabetes: hypothyroidism (low thyroid) due to a common autoimmune disorder known as Hashimoto's thyroiditis (model gland shown on the right). I will next explain the opposite state created by an overactive thyroid and also driven by a misdirected immune system. This condition is called Graves...

Have you made a good diabetes excuse today?

One common excuse overheard in a diabetes clinic is that someone "forgot" to bring their blood sugar data in with them to the visit. This excuse is effective at least once. But then as BG data is "forgotten" visit after visit, and metabolic control deteriorates, the excuse evolves into something else. The increasing use of continuous...

One of my favorite movies growing up (and even as an adult) was The Wizard of Oz. I learned many lessons about life from its symbolism. Without question, the most profound message I learned was that inner peace and happiness are never found “over the rainbow”, but in our own back yards (faith, family, and personal relationships). It was only at the end of her journey through O...

Our diabetes technology is amazing. But it's no better than its weakest link. With diabetes therapy there are many potential stumbling blocks on the path to good control.

Case in point. The device above is an insulin pump catheter. The cost to make one one these is pennies. The sales price is a bit more. But this one created a $15,000 bill for one family. Insulin pumpers know e...

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A 3 Part Interview With Dr. Ponder
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