A Diabetes Alert Dog provides an invaluable service to a person with diabetes and their loved ones. The keen senses animals possess are refined into an early warning system which can alert a person or others around them to blood sugar levels drifting into the extremes of high or low.

These animals primarily use their sense of smell, but their vision might...

Consider the following. Would your perception of golf change if the only way you could score at the game was by striking a hole in one? There would be many scoreless ties. 

What if rebounding wasn't allowed in basketball? If the ball doesn’t go through the hoop on the first attempt, then the other team automatically gets the ball back.

Imagine if tennis only allowed one ser...

Patients and families routinely make changes to their or their kid's insulin therapy. This should be based upon an sound understanding of how basal insulin therapy works (whether delivered by injection(s) or an insulin pump). 

Basal insulin is the foundation of type 1 diabetes management. Misconceptions may exist about what basal insulin is all about. Take the sh...

July 1, 2017

What is Sugar Surfing?

Sugar Surfing is a metaphor for Dynamic Diabetes Management, also known as “managing the moment”. It’s based on an awareness of one’s blood sugar trends using a continuous glucose monitoring system or by use of frequent blood glucose checks with a handheld meter. By viewing blood glucose trending, a person can make self-care choices earlier and at times m...

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BG Metric Conversion Tool
This tool converts blood glucose from mg/dL to mmol/L vice versa
A 3 Part Interview With Dr. Ponder
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