Failure is the Sugar Surfer’s best friend. By failure, I mean blood sugar results or trends which don’t comply with the Surfer’s initial wishes or desires. Chaos is an accepted part of any system. And the more complex a system becomes, the more opportunity for chaos to randomly appear.

Success at Sugar Surfing™ has little meaning without some failures or setbacks along the way...

Pivoting is one of the first Dynamic Diabetes methods used by new Sugar Surfers. How far can self-directed blood sugar trending be taken? In my opinion: all the way to maintaining normal blood sugar trends. As long as you glance and keep your head in the game, Sugar Surfing has NO limits.

Advanced Sugar Surfing invokes the art of micro-dosing. Here is an example of micro-carbin...

 Sailing across oceans has always been a potentially treacherous and risky endeavor. Before the days of engines, radio, radar, sonar and satellites, captains relied on a form of navigation called “dead reckoning”. Periodically, they would take sightings of the stars and constellations using devices like this sextant.

With careful tracking of prior readings, a reasonable course...

 The pivot is to the Sugar Surfer as the forehand or backhand is to the tennis player. In this lesson I will review the basic insulin pivot. All the basic anatomical structures are displayed or highlighted in the images below. Units of measure in the upper picture are expressed in mg/dL and in the bottom image the units are mmol/L.

From left to right, the following six core Sug...

This is the March Newsletter for Dynamic Diabetes Management Inc. (DDM)

February books

Over 300 books (print and eBooks) were sold or distributed in February. The complimentary eBook offer provided over 25 books to newly diagnosed adults and families of children from across the globe. A shipment of 1,000 books will be replenishing our supplies at the Amazon warehouse. We may hav...

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