Skipping stones on the water is a pastime dating back to antiquity. Sugar Surfers can learn to skip their blood sugar trendlines like the path of a stone on the water. It takes patience and practice.

Here is an example (in mg/dL and mmol/L) of a 12-hour period of micro-dosing insulin and carbs. Through periodic glances at the trend line and seeing (glancing at) minor drifts...

 Dynamic Diabetes Management (Sugar Surfing™) is global. Our non-profit diabetes educational charity promotes empowerment and independent living with diabetes. Live workshops, the book 'Sugar Surfing' and online educational materials spread the message of dynamic diabetes self-management using the information from continuous glucose monitoring devices of all kinds.

Another exci...

More people have been reading and hearing about Sugar Surfing.  Doctors and diabetes educators have been starting to discuss Dynamic Diabetes methodology in their offices. With this rapid growth in awareness, wrong assumptions might be made about what Sugar Surfing is and what it is not. Because the word “Sugar” is used to describe this decision-making process, some may assume...

 Whenever I’m asked about why someone’s blood sugars seem so unpredictable and hard to control, I just envision some of the possible reasons why and how this can happen. The reasons for this variance are NUMEROUS. Most of them are not mutually exclusive. In fact, when you consider the number of possible combinations of 1 or more of the reasons listed below, the number is too s...

About one in four newly diagnosed persons with type 1 diabetes (and some type 2’s) will present in diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA) to a doctor’s office, urgent care facility, or emergency department. If not diagnosed and proper treatment started, DKA can be deadly. DKA is often misunderstood by persons with diabetes. Diabetic ketoacidosis is complex and easy to misunderstand by la...

This is the May 2018 Newsletter for Dynamic Diabetes Management Inc.


April Sugar Surfing™ print books sold: 255, including 11 mailed to Canada and 1 mailed to Australia.  There were 35 electronic books purchased via the Sugar Surfing website. 

Purchase of eBooks and complementary eBooks to the newly diagnosed are being downloaded worldwide. We define newly...

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