Imagine you are an experienced and confident baseball shortstop. Your position on the field allows for lots of “in the moment” choices to be made during the game. You are continuously aware of the following: 1) the player at bat, 2) what you know about the batter’s hitting style and power, 3) the number of runners on base, their speed and quickness, 4) the game score at the mo...

Type 1 diabetes often arrives totally unexpected. Shock, denial, fear, and sadness are usual first reactions. For most, the maelstrom of negative emotions swirling around the person and family will significantly influence what happens next. The following are the top 5 things I feel are essential to convey early into the diagnosis: if not at the very first encounter in the emer...

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This tool converts blood glucose from mg/dL to mmol/L vice versa
A 3 Part Interview With Dr. Ponder
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