Sugar Surfing™ is a method for reaching and attaining personal empowerment to live well with diabetes: yours or your loved ones. It transcends carb counting, low carb style nutritional approaches, insulin delivery methods (pumps/pens/inhaled), carbohydrate dosing ratios, correction factors, basal rates, insulin types, loop protocols, and just about everything else. The belief...


May and June Sugar Surfing™ print books sold: 423, which includes 51 books purchased via the Sugar Surfing website and shipped by us.  Besides many sent to US addresses, we shipped books internationally to Canada, Australia, Italy, Ireland and Bermuda!    

Purchase of eBooks and complementary eBooks to the newly diagnosed (within 90 days from bo...


March was a very busy month for Sugar Surfing. April will be even busier. This is the April 2018 Newsletter for Dynamic Diabetes Management Inc, a 501(c)(3) public non-profit educational charity.


March Sugar Surfing™ print books sold: 265  

eBooks are being steadily ordered across the globe (over 30 in March). Sugar Surfing is now in over 65 cou...

 "The Quiver"

Our Newsletter

This is our inaugural Dynamic Diabetes Management Inc, monthly newsletter. It’s intended to keep Sugar Surfers and Friends of Surfers up to speed with what is going on with Dynamic Diabetes Management Inc, (Sugar Surfing™). And what about that name, “The Quiver”? It’s a real ocean surfing slang term which means ‘a surfer’s surfboard collection’. This...

January 28, 2018

Why Sugar Surf?

Lost in the haze of college rock, winging it, and not logging, it turns out that I began developing my own version of a dynamic approach to managing diabetes back in the late 1980’s. Sometimes this instinctual approach worked. I had varying degrees of success along with some gnarly wipeouts. For example, waking up naked in a pool of cranberry juice spilt all ove...

A dynamic diabetes care approach from the beginning . . .

My son was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at the age of 6, just following kindergarten graduation.  I had seen the warning signs of type 1 from awareness posts a friend had shared the year before as part of Project Blue November.  I had also read the story of the little girl from St. George, Utah, named Kycie, which was...


As described in the book “Sugar Surfing”, control of one’s diabetes always exists “in the moment”. This means that “control” is truly a DYNAMIC process. There is no ‘reservoir’ of diabetes control dispensed by a doctor. What we define as ‘control’ is the ongoing result of numerous choices made by the individual over time.

At one po...

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