As I write in the book “Sugar Surfing™”, blood glucose levels in healthy people are never truly static (at least not for very long). The ebb and flow of blood sugar reflects the natural shifting which occurs in response to the immediate metabolic needs of the human body. Glucose (blood sugar) is a high energy fuel for tissues. Activity, stress, digestion and fasting ar...

Here is a quote from a d-parent I know:

 "Our daughter has had type 1 diabetes for 6 years, her A1C runs as high as 8%. We've recently been using the insulin pump but can't seem to control or balance the blood sugars during activities or after changing the infusion site. Can you advise us on how to adjust the pump?"

 Ok, reasonable and common concerns I've heard for years. And I...

My day job is as a pediatric endocrinologist ("peds endo" in the diabetes on line community vernacular). In our current health care system, primary care “providers” (doctors, physician’s assistants and nurse practitioners) evaluate and examine patients, determine if their patient needs more assistance or care than what they can provide, and then get referred on to specialists...

Accomplished Sugar Surfers master the art of 'subtle touch'. They know the circumstances behind a low range BG level and can apply just the correct amount of force to 'correct' the situation. In Sugar Surfing™ , this method is called "micro-carbing". It's the twin sibling of "micro-bolusing" with rapid acting insulin. Both methods are core Sugar Surfing skills.

It usually...

As a person with type 1 diabetes for over half a century, I've lived through many technological breakthroughs in how my condition has been cared for and managed.

Many examples come to mind.

Disposable insulin syringes certainly made the process of preparing an insulin injection much easier than boiling (to sterilize) a glass syringe and reusable needle each morning. Blood gluc...

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