As I write in the book “Sugar Surfing™”, blood glucose levels in healthy people are never truly static (at least not for very long). The ebb and flow of blood sugar reflects the natural shifting which occurs in response to the immediate metabolic needs of the human body. Glucose (blood sugar) is a high energy fuel for tissues. Activity, stress, digestion and fasting ar...

This is the May 2018 Newsletter for Dynamic Diabetes Management Inc.


April Sugar Surfing™ print books sold: 255, including 11 mailed to Canada and 1 mailed to Australia.  There were 35 electronic books purchased via the Sugar Surfing website. 

Purchase of eBooks and complementary eBooks to the newly diagnosed are being downloaded worldwide. We define newly...


March was a very busy month for Sugar Surfing. April will be even busier. This is the April 2018 Newsletter for Dynamic Diabetes Management Inc, a 501(c)(3) public non-profit educational charity.


March Sugar Surfing™ print books sold: 265  

eBooks are being steadily ordered across the globe (over 30 in March). Sugar Surfing is now in over 65 cou...

Pivoting is one of the first Dynamic Diabetes methods used by new Sugar Surfers. How far can self-directed blood sugar trending be taken? In my opinion: all the way to maintaining normal blood sugar trends. As long as you glance and keep your head in the game, Sugar Surfing has NO limits.

Advanced Sugar Surfing invokes the art of micro-dosing. Here is an example of micro-carbin...

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A 3 Part Interview With Dr. Ponder
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