On March 1, 2018 I will have lived well with type 1 diabetes for 52 years. After receiving my 50-year Joslin Medal in 2016, I was enrolled in a closed social network of other medalists. I read a post by a fellow medalist asking the group what our group had in common. What allowed us to survive so long with type 1 diabetes? What helped us to live over a half century with a dise...

"How does diabetes stand by you?"

I find metaphors useful in describing diabetes concepts and our approaches to self-care. One I often evoke with patients is "how do you walk with diabetes"?

In my experience as a person with diabetes for a half century, and as a Diabetologist, I can say that there are only three ways we "walk" with our condition.

We journey through our...

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A 3 Part Interview With Dr. Ponder
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