Pivoting is one of the first Dynamic Diabetes methods used by new Sugar Surfers. How far can self-directed blood sugar trending be taken? In my opinion: all the way to maintaining normal blood sugar trends. As long as you glance and keep your head in the game, Sugar Surfing has NO limits.

Advanced Sugar Surfing invokes the art of micro-dosing. Here is an example of micro-carbin...

Accomplished Sugar Surfers master the art of 'subtle touch'. They know the circumstances behind a low range BG level and can apply just the correct amount of force to 'correct' the situation. In Sugar Surfing™ , this method is called "micro-carbing". It's the twin sibling of "micro-bolusing" with rapid acting insulin. Both methods are core Sugar Surfing skills.

It usually...

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A 3 Part Interview With Dr. Ponder
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