The pivot is to the Sugar Surfer as the forehand or backhand is to the tennis player. In this lesson I will review the basic insulin pivot. All the basic anatomical structures are displayed or highlighted in the images below. Units of measure in the upper picture are expressed in mg/dL and in the bottom image the units are mmol/L.

From left to right, the following six core Sug...

The other day, I was discussing Sugar Surfing™ with a t1d teen in clinic. She is a competitive softball player; a pitcher. As I reviewed blood sugar levels on her CGM, most were elevated. Her glucose readings before breakfast were generally in range. But during the day they tended to go up and stay up.

I asked her how many insulin doses she injected each day. Her answer was imm...

The ability to establish and keep a steady basal blood sugar trendline pattern (called a “shelf” in Sugar Surfing™ parlance) is an essential step in mastering the art of Dynamic Diabetes Management. Establishing a steady basal insulin effect (i.e., basal neutrality) is vital to long term Sugar Surfing success.

Basal insulin, whether delivered by an injection or an insulin pump,...

When I began medical school, my first significant class was human anatomy. This was logical. I had to know the names and location of the structures of the human body before I learned how they worked and interacted with one another.

This image shows a stylized version of Sugar Surfing "anatomy". It's certainly easier to remember than human anatomy. And when you do mast...

The glycemic trend line on a continuous glucose monitor (CGM) is always telling a story. It's the story of your blood sugar control. So much is revealed by the trend line if you only know how to look for it and interpret it. Sugar Surfing is the Rosetta Stone to deciphering the mysteries of your or your child's blood sugar control challenges.

Graduates of my Sugar Surfing...

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