Consider the following. Would your perception of golf change if the only way you could score at the game was by striking a hole in one? There would be many scoreless ties. 

What if rebounding wasn't allowed in basketball? If the ball doesn’t go through the hoop on the first attempt, then the other team automatically gets the ball back.

Imagine if tennis only allowed one ser...

Here is a quote from a d-parent I know:

 "Our daughter has had type 1 diabetes for 6 years, her A1C runs as high as 8%. We've recently been using the insulin pump but can't seem to control or balance the blood sugars during activities or after changing the infusion site. Can you advise us on how to adjust the pump?"

 Ok, reasonable and common concerns I've heard for years. And I...

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This tool converts blood glucose from mg/dL to mmol/L vice versa
A 3 Part Interview With Dr. Ponder
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