Nerd alert! This post contains some really old sci-fi references

This is one of my favorite diabetes teaching posts.

In the 1980’s Star Trek film “The Wrath of Khan”, the iconic Captain Kirk engages in a final “cat and mouse” battle with his nemesis Khan deep with a murky interstellar nebula. Midway through the action sequence, Mr. Spock makes an insightfu...

This is an overused phrase. It's overheard when people discuss theirs or their child’s diabetes. It’s classically said in reference to a static insulin dose, insulin basal rate setting, or insulin/carb dosing algorithm.

 ‘Fine tuning’ is a metaphor referring to the act of adjusting an analog radio channel to the best possible frequency to receive the clearest audio signal from...

January 28, 2018

Why Sugar Surf?

Lost in the haze of college rock, winging it, and not logging, it turns out that I began developing my own version of a dynamic approach to managing diabetes back in the late 1980’s. Sometimes this instinctual approach worked. I had varying degrees of success along with some gnarly wipeouts. For example, waking up naked in a pool of cranberry juice spilt all ove...

A dynamic diabetes care approach from the beginning . . . 

My son was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at the age of 6, just following kindergarten graduation.  I had seen the warning signs of type 1 from awareness posts a friend had shared the year before as part of Project Blue November.  I had also read the story of the little girl from St. George, Utah, named Kycie, which was...

As a patient (and later as a physician) I was taught to consider blood sugar management like a mathematical equation. First, gather a blood sugar value. Next, calculate the carbohydrates to be eaten, then calculate a meal time insulin dose (or snack time insulin dose) to be injected in response to the first two calculations, plus a 'correction dose' for the difference between...

2018 inaugurates my term as AADE Diabetes Educator of the Year.

"Honored" can't describe the feeling of being the first physician certified diabetes educator (MD-CDE) to receive this national recognition. Having never been the "first" of anything, this will be a very special and unique experience.

As part of this award, I will be traveling to several regional AADE (American Ass...

The other day, I was discussing Sugar Surfing™ with a t1d teen in clinic. She is a competitive softball player; a pitcher. As I reviewed blood sugar levels on her CGM, most were elevated. Her glucose readings before breakfast were generally in range. But during the day they tended to go up and stay up.

I asked her how many insulin doses she injected each day. Her answer was imm...

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