As I write in the book “Sugar Surfing™”, blood glucose levels in healthy people are never truly static (at least not for very long). The ebb and flow of blood sugar reflects the natural shifting which occurs in response to the immediate metabolic needs of the human body. Glucose (blood sugar) is a high energy fuel for tissues. Activity, stress, digestion and fasting ar...

About one in four newly diagnosed persons with type 1 diabetes (and some type 2’s) will present in diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA) to a doctor’s office, urgent care facility, or emergency department. If not diagnosed and proper treatment started, DKA can be deadly. DKA is often misunderstood by persons with diabetes. Diabetic ketoacidosis is complex and easy to misunderstand by la...

January 28, 2018

Why Sugar Surf?

Lost in the haze of college rock, winging it, and not logging, it turns out that I began developing my own version of a dynamic approach to managing diabetes back in the late 1980’s. Sometimes this instinctual approach worked. I had varying degrees of success along with some gnarly wipeouts. For example, waking up naked in a pool of cranberry juice spilt all ove...

A Diabetes Alert Dog provides an invaluable service to a person with diabetes and their loved ones. The keen senses animals possess are refined into an early warning system which can alert a person or others around them to blood sugar levels drifting into the extremes of high or low.

These animals primarily use their sense of smell, but their vision might...

Consider the following. Would your perception of golf change if the only way you could score at the game was by striking a hole in one? There would be many scoreless ties. 

What if rebounding wasn't allowed in basketball? If the ball doesn’t go through the hoop on the first attempt, then the other team automatically gets the ball back.

Imagine if tennis only allowed one ser...

I have previously explained the most common hormone deficiency in persons with type 1 diabetes: hypothyroidism (low thyroid) due to a common autoimmune disorder known as Hashimoto's thyroiditis (model gland shown on the right). I will next explain the opposite state created by an overactive thyroid and also driven by a misdirected immune system. This condition is called Graves...

Have you made a good diabetes excuse today?

One common excuse overheard in a diabetes clinic is that someone "forgot" to bring their blood sugar data in with them to the visit. This excuse is effective at least once. But then as BG data is "forgotten" visit after visit, and metabolic control deteriorates, the excuse evolves into something else. The increasing use of continuous...

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