Stop the shaming: no good or bad

Children mature physically and emotionally at different rates. With children with diabetes this creates a challenge for any adult involved with their care. This brings me to my point: when are kids emotionally ready to assume the full challenge of diabetes self care? And how does emotional maturity impact their physical capabilities for self-management? A solid, well laid foundation is essential for building a quality home. Likewise, a strong diabetes "home" is built upon a foundation of self care skills and equipment. Yet insulin injections, pump infusion site changes, reading a food label or properly measuring a blood sugar level are just skills. Important, yes. But just skills. The true measure of diabetes self-control is not an individual action, like taking a shot. It's a series of choices. And quality choices require sound judgment.

Diabetes care is not an act, it's a skill. Hammering a nail or sawing a board does not make me a carpenter. Simply pulling a trigger is not the measure of a marksman. Diabetes care is best looked upon as like the relationship between a Master and an apprentice. But with children's diabetes the Master is u