The ability to establish and keep a steady basal blood sugar trendline pattern (called a “shelf” in Sugar Surfing™ parlance) is an essential step in mastering the art of Dynamic Diabetes Management. Establishing a steady basal insulin effect (i.e., basal neutrality) is vital to long term Sugar Surfing success.

Basal insulin, whether delivered by an injection or an insulin pump, has a single purpose: to maintain blood sugar stability over time. It is not intended to lower blood sugar levels, although many doctors and patients use it for that reason. And as I describe in the book Sugar Surfing, basal insulin delivery CAN be modified to slowly correct out of range blood sugar levels. This can be especially helpful in children. Cutting back on basal insulin delivery via a pump can also be used to slow a downward drifting blood sugar level (i.e., “Engine Brake”).