Sugar Surfing April 2018 Newsletter: The Quiver


March was a very busy month for Sugar Surfing. April will be even busier. This is the April 2018 Newsletter for Dynamic Diabetes Management Inc, a 501(c)(3) public non-profit educational charity.


March Sugar Surfing™ print books sold: 265

eBooks are being steadily ordered across the globe (over 30 in March). Sugar Surfing is now in over 65 countries in e-book or print format. Thank you for supporting our mission to change the way diabetes is managed worldwide.

eBooks for newly diagnosed: due to greater awareness, we have sent a record number of books to newly diagnosed patients and families (over 50 in March). We define 'newly diagnosed' as 90 days or less. The link to the free e-book is prominently displayed at the top of the webpage.

Amazon fees to sellers increased in March. These fees have a significant impact on DDM business operations. Many potential book buyers go straight to Amazon to buy the print book. However, you can also purchase the book from the website and we highly encourage this. When the print book is purchased from the Sugar Surfing website and not Amazon, DDM makes more income which is able to be invested in the projects described below.


Our webmaster was away most of March. He’s now back. Expect upgrades to the website format over the next several weeks.


San Juan PR is now active for registration! This Workshop is being hosted by Carlos Leyva MD. The workshop will be presented at Auditorio Recinto de Ciencias Medicas en Centro Medico, San Juan PR next to the School of Pharmacy from 11AM-200PM. DDM is offering this full workshop at no cost to attendees out of deference to the challenges all our Puerto Rican friends have faced over the last 6 months. To register, send a message to This workshop is less than 4 weeks away, so the time to register is NOW. SHARE, SHARE, SHARE.

Registration is active for Des Moines (June 2nd) and Atlanta (October 6th). Portland Oregon (September 8th) Workshop registration will go live soon. The Portland venue will seat ~ 300. Our local champion team there has been incredible to work with and very enthusiastic. Yay Gavin!

DDM is finalizing details for a workshop in Northeast Texas this summer. Details to come. Venues which have been under consideration include the Washington DC-Baltimore area, Oklahoma City and Phoenix. Inquiries come in from Canada, Australia, The Middle East, and the UK, but time and cost restraints still need to be addressed.

Sugar Surfing Workshops take time and energy to set up and organize. Incoming Executive Director Patsy Ponder and Outreach Manager Allison Nimlos have been streamlining the process. We appreciate the passion that a local event host organizer brings to the table. We get many requests to come to a city or region. Each must be reviewed and discussed with local volunteers. Securing a venue is essential to this process. DDM can send out a workshop organizer packet to anyone or group interested in exploring a future workshop. Contact