Sugar Surfing in Glasgow, Scotland

Dynamic Diabetes Management (Sugar Surfing™) is global. Our non-profit diabetes educational charity promotes empowerment and independent living with diabetes. Live workshops, the book 'Sugar Surfing' and online educational materials spread the message of dynamic diabetes self-management using the information from continuous glucose monitoring devices of all kinds.

Another exciting milestone was recently reached. Many more like it will be happening soon. A large order of custom cover Sugar Surfing books was made by NHS in Glasgow, Scotland. A generous donor made this book purchase possible. We want to give a shout out to Dr. Kenneth Robertson and his team seen pictured here, displaying their custom books. Dr. Robertson is a endocrinology consultant with the National Health Service in Glasgow and Clyde. We applaud Kenneth and his team for their vision and passion to serve. Their aim is to empower their patients in dynamic diabetes methods.

In 2017 Dynamic Diabetes Management was presented to over 100 U.K. endocrinologists at an annual insulin pump/glucose sensor conference in Belfast, Northern Ireland. The UK conference planners and thought leaders (Drs. Partha Kar, Emma Wilmot, and Pratik Choudhary) understood that dynamic diabetes management is the next frontier in empowered self-care. Adoption of Sugar Surfing by health care professionals is rapidly growing.

Thanks to a donation we recently received, we will be unveiling a program for Surfers to provide a complimentary book to their diabetes doctor if the specialist is willing to accept and read it. More on that to come. We hope to see more images like the one above in the near future.

Thank you for supporting this vision by implementing it in your own lives and sharing with others in need. Your support is needed. Contact if you wish to support our mission. We look forward to hearing from you.

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