Looking ahead to 2019

Serving as 2018 Diabetes Educator of the Year (DEOTY) for the American Association of Diabetes Educators (AADE) has been a highlight of my professional career. As the first physician certified diabetes educator (CDE) to receive this honor since its inception, I’ve been able to travel across the country and share the concepts of Dynamic Diabetes Management with health care professionals from Connecticut to California. Sugar Surfing™ is now accepted as a reasonable approach to diabetes self management. No longer does a sensible and thoughtful approach to leveraging diabetes CGM technology with insightful self-analysis have to be done in the shadows. Static concepts of self care, which have dominated the diabetes world for decades, are now yielding to the next logical step in the progression to self care independence: Sugar Surfing. Members of the AADE board of directors shared with me in August that one reason I was awarded the DEOTY was to provide a platform to promote Sugar Surfing to all Diabetes Educators. That’s a powerful endorsement from the top of the diabetes education world. I’ve also received behind the scenes encouragement from some inside the American Diabetes Association as well. And many progressive diabetes doctors and endocrinologists are not only aware of Sugar Surfing, but actively recommending it to many of their patients. As I yield my title to the incoming 2019 DEOTY, I aim to take Sugar Surfing to greater heights in the upcoming years. In order to do this your help and support is needed and requested. I am proud to be able to say I have no conflicts of interest whenever I present a workshop. I work for no diabetes companies in any way. I value my independence. Dynamic Diabetes Management, Inc. is the 501(c)3 non-profit organization which promotes Sugar Surfing. It is supported by sales of the book, workshop fees and donations. Our next step is to seek larger grants to help get the message to more patients and providers. But at this time we need your support to take things to the next level. We are planning to develop Sugar Surfing into an online training course. We’ve purchased the platform (Versal) and have started to adapt the content. When complete, this will allow anyone with online access the opportunity to learn and practice Sugar Surfing.

Donations and registration fees support workshops across the country and beyond. Our website is also donor supported. One generous donor from the New York area supported the ability to fund up to 200 print and e-books to interested endocrinologists across the US and beyond. As 2018 winds down, many reputable charities and non-profits will be asking for your support. Please include Dynamic Diabetes Management, Inc. in your giving. To give, please click the DONATE key at the top of the page at sugarsurfing.com. To date we have had many generous supporters who have given what they could to further the mission of Sugar Surfing. In 2019 we aim to build grassroots support further and lay a solid foundation for grant writing. We will also be building an influential board of directors in 2019 who can take the non-profit to the next level with charitable giving and grants. You can also designate Dynamic Diabetes Management, Inc. as a beneficiary if you use Amazon Smiles. With every Amazon purchase you can make a difference. If many people give a little, it makes a huge impact. If you or a loved one has had their life changed or enriched by Dynamic Diabetes Management, please consider making a donation of any size to our non-profit, or buy a Sugar Surfing book for someone ready to benefit from it. Your donations are tax deductible. Sugar Surfing was first supported by grassroots fundraising. Let’s keep that support strong: please donate!

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