Sugar Surfing™ August 23rd 2020 talk

I was cordially invited to present a Zoom recorded discussion of Sugar Surfing to the SoCal Loopers Facebook group on Sunday August 23rd. We had a global audience in attendance. I wish to thank Joanne Milo and her wonderful administration team for hosting and moderating this event. You can view the video here:

Remember the complementary Sugar Surfing e-book offer for newly diagnosed persons with type 1 diabetes (90 days or less) is still active:

The print book may be purchased here:

All book and workshop proceeds go to support the educational non-profit organization Dynamic Diabetes Management, a 501(c)3 charity in the US. Your promotion of Sugar Surfing is what we depend upon to sustain the message of empowerment which it represents. Whether you loop, traditionally pump insulin, or use multi-dose insulin therapy, Sugar Surfing can benefit you. Please share this message!

Donations are always appreciated and can be made on the website under the donate tab. Thank you.

Stephen W. Ponder MD, FAAP, CDCES

Drafted by type 1 diabetes on March 1, 1966

Sugar Surfer by Choice!

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