Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Sugar Surfing?

Sugar Surfing is a metaphor for Dynamic Diabetes Management, also known as “managing the moment”. It’s based on an awareness of one’s blood sugar trends using a continuous glucose monitoring system or by use of frequent blood glucose checks with a handheld meter. By viewing blood glucose trending, a person can make self-care choices earlier and at times more aggressively than with old-style single point in time blood sugar information. Sugar Surfing represents a paradigm shift in how type 1 diabetes can be managed by individuals or involved families.

Why should I Surf?

Sugar Surfing is a choice. Empowered Surfers can enjoy a greater command over their blood sugar trends since surfing balances proactive (forward-looking) and reactive (backward-looking) elements. This allows an empowered and experienced Sugar Surfer to steer or direct the flow of the trend line. The flux and drift of blood sugar trending becomes easier to manage with time. A major benefit of mastering Sugar Surfing is the sense of empowerment felt by the surfer, who may have lived for years under the belief that blood sugar levels could never be directed.

What tools do I need to do this?

Frequent blood sugar data points are the currency of the Sugar Surfer. Under most circumstances, these data are collected from a continuous glucose monitoring system (CGMS). These can also be collected using “flash monitoring” glucose measurement systems if the data is collected with sufficient frequency. In rare cases, frequent self-monitoring of blood glucose using a standard handheld meter can provide sufficient data points to make effective Sugar Surfing self-care choices.

How long does it take to learn?

Like any skill, Sugar Surfing improves with time, attention to detail, and practice. This ability is not dispensed by a health care provider or spreadsheet. Rather, it’s a collection of well-rehearsed methods based on an understanding of one’s own unique responses to insulin, food, exercise and stress.

What is the goal of Surfing?

The goal of Sugar Surfing is personal empowerment. The Sugar Surfer chooses his/her personal goals.

Do I have to Surf all the time?

Sugar Surfing occurs when one chooses to do it. Therefore, Surfers choose when they Surf and when they don’t.

Can others help me Surf?

An empowered Sugar Surfer relies on others when needed. These are usually people who know the Surfer and have a basic working understanding of type 1 diabetes.

Why has my diabetes doctor not heard or know about Sugar Surfing?

Sugar Surfing is a new construct. Therefore, it’s not unusual that established endocrinologists are not aware of this new approach to diabetes self-care.

Is Sugar Surfing dangerous?

Risk is always present in the management of type 1 diabetes. Sugar Surfing is based on choices. Not all choices will result in desirable outcomes. It is incumbent on the Sugar Surfer to be prepared for unexpected outcomes from self-care choices they make.

Do I need an insulin pump to Sugar Surf?

Sugar Surfing does not rely on the choice of how one’s insulin is administered. Therefore, persons using injected insulin can Sugar Surf as can those who choose insulin pump therapy.

How do I get started?

Information on Sugar Surfing can be found several ways. On line, go to or like the Facebook page Sugar Surfing for years of publicly posted information about Dynamic Diabetes Management, aka Sugar Surfing. The book “Sugar Surfing” can be purchases as an e-book or softcover at the same website. After reading the book, the individual can make their own choice as to whether Sugar Surfing is desirable to learn and practice.