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Allison Nimlos

Allison Nimlos is our Community Outreach Manager. Allison is a fellow person with T1D and long-time diabetes advocate.


Allison’s role supports the team in the creation of new Sugar Surfing materials, planning and organization for workshops, and promoting the Sugar Surfing brand to healthcare professionals, medical associations, and the diabetes community.


Living with type 1 diabetes for 25 years, Allison has been a Sugar Surfer since 2015, and was "Community Organizer" for the Minneapolis Sugar Surfing workshop in September 2016.


In addition to her work at Sugar Surfing, Allison is a psychotherapist in the Twin Cities. She lives in Minneapolis with her husband and son.

Allison with Dr. Ponder at the Minneapolis Sugar Surfing Workshop that she organized in 2016.

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