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Sugar Surfing: "How to manage type 1 diabetes in a modern world" is available in paperback, PDF, ePub and Kindle formats.

You can order the paperback or eBook from the Sugar Surfing digital store* found using the button to the right of this page. Paperback copies purchased here can be shipped worldwide with varying shipping costs based on destination. If you are interested in purchasing a book then the best way to do so whilst also supporting our mission is to make your purchase through our digital store.
*Sugar Surfing secure credit card processing services are provided by Gumroad, a San Francisco based merchant services provider. Orders to addresses in the USA are mailed via USPS Media Mail. All other orders are mailed using USPS International First Class.

The Kindle version of the book is also available on and can be found using the button below, however Amazon was charging Sugar Surfing much higher fees per paperback sale by comparison to our own storefront. As a result Sugar Surfing has made the decision to only sell paperbacks through our own storefront, rather than on Amazon. This means that by purchasing directly through us, far more of your sale price goes back into the non-profit and helps us to provide the best services that we possibly can to the diabetic community. More information on this decision can be found in our blog post here:

While the book was written for people with type 1 diabetes, many people with type 2 have shared that this approach works for them as well.

This chapter is called 'False Idols'. Click on the link above to download it. False Idols discusses the chaotic nature of diabetes and dispels the myth that if you do this you can get that. There are so many variables that effect blood sugar control - and every one of those variables is highly variable. Read this chapter, ditch your guilt and find peace in your life regardless of whether or not you use CGM or BGM.

If you're having trouble ordering online OR if you need more than 100 copies and/or custom covers, sponsored editions, etc. please reach out to us using the “Ask a Question” button at the top of this page, or directly through email to

Book Review

Best Books for Day-to-Day Blood Sugar Management

"You’ll notice a trend in the books I’ve recommended so far: They’re all written by people who actually lives with diabetes themselves. Dr. Ponder is no different — he’s managed type 1 for decades and he’s an endocrinologist, which makes this a great book for people managing this form of the disease themselves.


He’s combined his real-life experience with his hard-earned medical degree to produce a guide to managing your blood sugar and insulin doses with today’s technology. Having an insulin pump and a continuous glucose monitor (CGM) doesn’t make managing type 1 diabetes “easy” by any means, and Ponder knows that. In many ways, it becomes far more complicated because you have far more options and far more expectations.


This book is designed to help you make the most of today’s technology while tackling that constantly fluctuating and ever-sensitive wave of your blood sugar."

For those purchasing through the Sugar Surfing digital storefront site: following purchase from Gumroad (the storefront service provider), you will receive an email with download instructions. You do not need to use the Gumroad app. Just download and open with your preferred reader. If you select the Kindle format, you can add the downloaded .mobi file to your Kindle Cloud account by sending an email to 'username' with the recently downloaded file as an attachment. You must use your own username and not 'username'.

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