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Workshop Feedback Survey

At Sugar Surfing we are constantly looking for feedback from our workshop attendees. We would very much appreciate you taking the time to fill out our short survey below. All feedback and answers will be used to help us improve our workshops and hopefully maximize the experience for future attendees.​

The testimonials section at the end is not compulsory, if you choose to add comments or testimonials for use on the website then that's great! We will attribute any comments to "Houston 2018 attendee -" or "Des Moines 2018 attendee -" etc. Unless you explicitly state that you do not mind your name being attached to the comment. 

Please be as honest as possible in your answers, even if that means a negative response! It is only through your feedback that we will be able to improve our workshop experience in the future!

All of us here at Sugar Surfing thank you for your time!

How would you rate your overall experience at the workshop?
Did you find the workshop to be educational?
Do you think that you will impliment lessons learned at the workshop into your day-to-day diabetes management?
Do you consider the workshop ticket price to be good value for money?

Thank you for your feedback!

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