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What you won't find here is a mobile app that use static ratios to tell you how much insulin to take. That's because static calculators cannot take in the human element or possibly consider the many variables that go into making a decision.

What you will find is a tool to make it easier for you to Learn to Surf.

We had many discussions with Chris Merz, the owner and developer of the GlucoGram™ macOS App (for Mac only).

How does this make Surfing easier?

Frequency is at the heart of Sugar Surfing. GlucoGram lives on the status bar at the very top of your Mac screen. It's a copy of your cgm data coming directly from the manufacturer. No clicks. Just look, consider and make a decision.

It's become commonplace for most people using cgm sensors to pull out their phone and see their cgm data. There's a lot of clicking that goes on to get it though. Watches have also been helpful for many. That too is useful but not without limitations.


GlucoGram on your Mac status bar is another easy way and another place to view your cgm status. GlucoGram complements any other tools you already use; in addition to phones and watches - not as a replacement.

GlucoGram will not work with your mobile phone - only as an App installed on your Mac. Please do not use this app to manage your diabetes but do use it to visualize concepts shared in the book "Sugar Surfing" or taught at the workshops.

Just click on the App Store image to go to Apple's site to learn more and to download your free copy of the macOS app.

Questions and support for this app are answered and provided by Chris Merz via his website.


So advanced it's simple.

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