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Houston 2019 - June 8th

Thank you for your interest in registering to attend our "double-header" Sugar Surfing Workshop to be held in Houston, Texas on June 8, 2019. Stephen W. Ponder, MD FAAP CDE will be your primary speaker and facilitator for this event. In addition, preceding Dr. Ponder's Workshop, Anne Imber, the Founder of Type 1 To ( will speak on the topic of “Kindergarten to College: 504 Plans in Schools” as it regards T1D kids in public and private school settings. This is a very hot topic that applies to almost every TID child and young adult. 


Participants register for the full program, which includes lunch, and both the morning and afternoon sessions. Participants may attend one or both sessions as they choose. We are excited to present our second full day educational diabetes program!

Dr. Steve Ponder has been recognized for his impact on diabetes care as the 2018 Diabetes Educator of the Year by the American Association of Diabetes Educators (AADE). This organization represents more than 14,000 Certified Diabetes Educators located throughout the USA.

Register Now! Only 200 seats available.

More Information:

The Sugar Surfing workshop will take place at Lexicon Pharmaceuticals, 8000 Technology Forest Place, The Woodlands, Texas 77381.

Admission for the event is $35 for an individual, $45 for two, and $65 for a family of 3 or more.

Child care is NOT provided at this event.

Please visit our website at and 'LIKE' us on Facebook to keep in touch with all Sugar Surfing related news and educational posts.

Registration for this event closes when the venue is sold out. 



Lexicon Pharmaceuticals, 

8000 Technology Forest Place, 

The Woodlands, Texas 77381

(show me the venue on Google Maps)


Our full schedule is shown below.

9:30 am: On-site check-in and the exhibitor section open.

10:30 am: Opening Speaker -Anne Imber, Founder of

12:00am: Lunch available; Exhibitor section open.

1:00 pm Sugar Surfing Workshop with Dr. Ponder.


Donations Appreciated:

Donations are appreciated. Your financial support allows us to put on future workshops. It is through the kind support of others in the past that this workshop has been made available to you. The DONATE button takes you to the Sugar Surfing PayPal account where you can use your credit card.

Workshops are offered by DDM, Inc., a 501(c)3.

Thank you!

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