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For those considering or already using Continuous Glucose Monitoring, this book takes you beyond the basics and shows you a better way to manage. Interested in eating whatever you like? Prefer a low carb diet? Either way this book will show you how. Sugar Surfing is the first book written to debunk the myths surrounding classic diabetes management while also teaching the reader a better way. More than 50 full color images help the reader to break through the over-reliance on ratios and static thinking which live at the root of unexpected highs and lows; especially for people who already work hard. The traditional method taught by well meaning medical providers is woefully inadequate given the recent advancements in continuous glucose monitoring (CGM). With real time feedback including direction and rate of change, even novice users get better results almost immediately when they use this Endocrinologists' dynamic approach to managing in the moment. Online resources complement the book by giving readers direct access to the authors. Steve has had type 1 himself for more than 50 years while Kevin is a diabetes Dad and behavioral researcher since 2001. Working together for more than a decade, these two pioneers have helped thousands of people to gain control and live a more normal life in spite of diabetes. *** Register for updates at Available in paperback and all ebook formats. All proceeds are used to support workshops and other outreach programs.

Sugar Surfing: How To Manage Type 1 Diabetes in a Modern World

    • Paperback: 280 pages
    • Publisher: MediSelf Press; 1st edition (2015)
    • Language: English
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