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Cutting the Amazon Apron Strings

As many of you know, we have sold our book, Sugar Surfing - How to manage type I diabetes in a modern world, on Amazon for the last several years with good success. After several years of rising fees by Amazon, it has become unsustainable to continue to sell the book this way. We made the decision this week to no longer use the Amazon FBA services. You can still order a Kindle version of Sugar Surfing from Amazon. There are also other sellers on Amazon who sell used copies of our book, and there are limited numbers of those available, but they are not being sold by us.

What does this mean for anyone who wants a new copy of the paperback?

As always, the paperback and e-books are available from our website through the Gumroad selling platform. The books are shipped from our home in Texas, just like before. However, going forward, we will lower the price for the paperback to $24.95 (from $29.95). That new price will start today, and you will see it when you purchase the book. We hope this new price compensates for our inability to ship overnight- it's just too expensive. We continue to sell and ship the paperback overseas, but we have seen the cost of postage increase very much!

We are forever grateful for the support you have all shown for Sugar Surfing. The website is still a source of great diabetes management information for you, your family, care team and educators. We continue to have new folks sign up for the website every day from all over the world. We recently sent a free e-book and the AADE articles to a person with Type I in China. He told us that diabetes care and education resources in China are very scarce.

We continue to provide a free e-book to newly diagnosed persons with diabetes. The process to request this e-book is on our website, and we respond to several requests each week. Our mission to provide easily accessible diabetes management information is supported by the sales of our book in all forms. We are happy to assist new PWDs and their families, caregivers, medical staff and educators on their diabetes journey.


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