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Learn to Surf

The key to successfully managing diabetes in the moment, at least for people who depend on insulin for good control, is taking action. Easier said than done, right?

Sugar Surfing is a way of taking charge of your body and directing your blood sugar for the primary purpose of helping you to live a normal life. As normal a life as possible that is. After all, you still have diabetes.

The Sugar Surfing method makes it easier:

  • for newly diagnosed people to understand why and how to take charge.

  • for long timers to receive a validation for things you may do already.

  • for medical professionals to move beyond static methods that are proven to have only limited value.

What started out as a way of making sense of frequent blood sugar checks has now been made practical for many thanks to commercially available continuous glucose monitoring sensors. It's not necessary that you have one of these sensors to 'Surf' but it sure makes Sugar Surfing easier and practical.

An insulin pump is not required to Surf!

Surfing does not depend or prescribe any specific lifestyle or dietary preferences!

We are currently compiling all of the best tips and tricks for surfing from members of the Surf Colony. If you would like to share unique insight into how you have applied Sugar Surfing to win with diabetes please consider sharing via the contact form below. Eventually, this list will be published in a future edition of the book as well as on the new "Tips" page on this site.

There are several ways to learn how to Sugar Surf:


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