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It has been my mission to change the way we manage diabetes in the 21st century. I began this journey decades ago. More recently, years of posts, face to face workshops and a medical practice based caring for thousands of adults and children with diabetes resulted in the creation of a non-profit corporation entitled “Dynamic Diabetes Management” (DDM), Inc. on January 1, 2016. We are now ready to take the next step. Our success ultimately depends on YOUR support.

DDM aims to educate families, individuals and health care professionals in the art and science of Sugar Surfing. Kevin and I have already reached tens of thousands of learners since 2012. The book and e-book Sugar Surfing are found in virtually every country in the world. Live workshops have been delivered in four countries so far. Allison's help more recently has ensured access to our 2018 workshop series. We're just getting started.


If you are fortunate enough to be in a position to donate to a diabetes charity, please consider committing your support to help us expand access to a world of dynamic diabetes education (aka Sugar Surfing).


DDM is a non-profit charitable corporation. Our application to the IRS has been submitted to receive the 501(c)(3) designation. Our focus is diabetes education.

DDM aims to conduct the following projects and initiatives:

  • Structured online diabetes education for patients, including webinars

  • Structured online diabetes education for health care providers, including webinars and live workshops

  • Online diabetes education for daycare and school personnel, including webinars and live workshops

  • Live Sugar Surfing workshops across the US and periodically outside the US based on demand.

  • New Sugar Surfing publications will be created. These and existing resources will be translated into multiple languages as needed. These plans will require professional editors and translators, plus a dedicated staff to develop. The printed materials will be an extension of the formalized medical education platforms already in existence and still to be developed.

  • We will transition all education into our formal education platform. Meanwhile, we will continue to use social media as a mechanism for promoting and prompting conversations amongst surfers both lay and professional.

  • Our education platform can be easily developed using currently available tools for rent on the Internet. This makes start up straightforward and quick. However we need to compensate professionals to help us create and vet these courses.

  • Currently we have no full time support to develop this vision. Significant growth will not happen unless and until we have a team of full and part time employees and consultants working with us.

  • And we will begin the search for a world famous volunteer board of directors that opens doors to even more supporters.

There are more workshops to present, written educational materials to write, and new online and mobile Sugar Surfing applications to develop. For this to go any further, we need your support. Now more than ever we need your donations to realize a vision of smart patients, smarter doctors and diabetes educators trained in what it means to manage type 1 diabetes in a modern world.

DDM is a nonprofit corporation registered in the State of Texas. DDM, Inc. anticipates notice from the IRS early next year that our application for status as a 501(c)3 has been accepted. The way the language goes the new status is presumed unless denied. The IRS letter will be our confirmation. Donations made now would be retroactively covered. If you have questions regarding how to claim your deduction on your taxes please contact your tax professional.


Stephen W. Ponder and Kevin L. McMahon

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