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>100,000 Sugar Surfing™ books now worldwide

Stephen W. Ponder MD, FAAP, CDCES

2018 ADCES Diabetes Educator of the Year

When Sugar Surfing™ was published, we knew it captured an attitude and approach to diabetes self-management that many people did but didn’t always talk about. That is no longer the case. We recently surpassed distribution of over 100,000 books in print or electronic format. These books have been sent to over 100 countries on six continents. A print copy of Sugar Surfing is scheduled to be taken to Antarctica in 2022, lol.

We remain committed to providing a complimentary e-book to any newly diagnosed person or family with type 1 diabetes. This offer has been in effect for years. Follow the links on this website for how to request a copy.

Our non-profit educational charity Dynamic Diabetes Management Inc has hosted or participated in dozens of in person Sugar Surfing workshops since 2015. These are now on hold due to Covid-19 considerations, but we hope to start back up in 2022. This website is available at no cost for anyone to read insightful, ongoing educational posts regarding all things Sugar Surfing.

Kevin, Patsy, and I sincerely thank you for your ongoing support of this effort. Many of you have shared your personal stories about how Sugar Surfing has benefitted you or your loved ones. Others share how Sugar Surfing validated their own dynamic approaches to self-care. Each of these stories never ceases to humble us. They strengthen our resolve to serve others through easy access to Sugar Surfing education.

As a non-profit, we exist on individual donations, print, and e-book sales. This allows us to keep workshop fees to a minimum. For those of you who make frequent Amazon purchases, Dynamic Diabetes Management is a charity you can support through Amazon Smiles.

As we move into the second hundred thousand book distribution phase, please be mindful of our appreciation of you and the hard work you all do each day to stay on top of your diabetes or that of your loved ones. Blessings to you all.


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