Sugar Surfing™ Lesson #20 Covering the bases

Imagine you are an experienced and confident baseball shortstop. Your position on the field allows for lots of “in the moment” choices to be made during the game. You are continuously aware of the following: 1) the player at bat, 2) what you know about the batter’s hitting style and power, 3) the number of runners on base, their speed and quickness, 4) the game score at the moment, 5) number of outs, strikes and balls called, 6) the skills of the pitcher and your fellow players, 7) the playing conditions on the field and in the sky, 8) your unique abilities and experience, and perhaps even more.

A line drive ground ball streaks your way, slightly to your left. You quickly intercept it on the run. Next, your choice of where you throw the ball will be determined by several factors. Whether there is a runner on 3rd base, racing for home. Or…perhaps a double play if third base was empty and there is a runner already on 1st. These sorts of split-second decisions are prepared for and rehearsed in training.

The principles of dynamic decision making are similar between many sports and Sugar Surfing™. They only differ in the