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2018 inaugurates my term as AADE Diabetes Educator of the Year.

"Honored" can't describe the feeling of being the first physician certified diabetes educator (MD-CDE) to receive this national recognition. Having never been the "first" of anything, this will be a very special and unique experience.

As part of this award, I will be traveling to several regional AADE (American Association of Diabetes Educators) coordinating body annual meetings across the US (Texas, Ohio, California, Kentucky, Maryland). I aim to share Sugar Surfing™ with them. Local workshop event organizers have already been stepping up in some locations to allow me to conduct locally sponsored Sugar Surfing workshops for PWD's and families of children with diabetes. These would fall on the same weekends as my AADE presentations. As plans are finalized for each workshop, they will be posted on this site.

Dynamic Diabetes Management (DDM) is expected to receive 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status in the first half of 2018. DDM’s mission is to make Sugar Surfing™ the standard of self-care for persons with type 1 diabetes. I envision a world where patients with diabetes approach blood sugar control based on dynamic principles and a working appreciation of their own unique responses to food, insulin and activity. Many of you are well on your way to mastering Sugar Surfing. Others are still considering it.

To realize this vision, DDM aims to accomplish the following:

1. Expand live workshops on Sugar Surfing in new locations domestically and internationally.

2. Expand the composition of Sugar Surfing audiences. In addition to reaching even more patients and parents of children with diabetes, we aim to include more health care providers, school personnel and third-party payers.

3. Grow and expand the content and reach of the teaching and user support site Use this platform to reach out to existing and new target audiences discussed above.

4. Develop and distribute formal educational curricula and self-instructional materials regarding Sugar Surfing for each of the above target groups.

5. Host virtual Sugar Surfing workshops with translation services as needed.

6. Begin professional translation of selected educational materials based on need.

7. Develop “train the trainer” Sugar Surfing workshops and educational materials, including the creation and validation of a Sugar Surfing certification process.

None of the above will happen without funding (money). Currently DDM has no paid staff or individual contractors to enact the aims outlined above. That will change in 2018 with your support. As a non-profit corporation, DDM will solicit funds from donors, sponsorships, unrestricted grants, and gather additional income from providing educational activities such as workshops. Workshop registration fees help cover costs and any profits are put back into realizing the mission.

As of this writing, several wonderful donors have stepped up. But our goals are very ambitious. We need financial support on a grand scale, plus highly passionate volunteers and contractors to advance the mission. So far, we have done all we can with a small dedicated team. It's time to grow.

After living well with type 1 diabetes for over 50 years, caring for thousands of children and teens and adults with t1 d, and serving as a CDE since 1989, the moment has arrived...

2018 is the year to “GO BIG OR GO HOME”.

Thank you for your prayers, wishes and support.


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