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It's not about the numbers...

When I coined the term Sugar Surfing™, it was intended to be a colorful metaphor to describe how we can learn to self-manage the inevitable rises and falls in blood sugar levels as viewed with a continuous glucose monitoring (CGM)device. Today, people around the world “Sugar Surf”. Many were already 'surfers' but used other terms to explain their actions. Everyone Sugar Surfs a little bit differently. That was always how it was intended to be. Sugar Surfing is an expression of how we can and must manage diabetes “in the moment”.

Lately, I’ve seen online comments which overemphasize A1C outcomes. Allow me to say that Sugar Surfing is not about the A1C results. An A1C result is not a grade. The outcome of effective diabetes therapy should always be attaining a normal life, however one wishes to define it.

When fully developed, Sugar Surfing is about developing self-confidence in managing one's diabetes self-care. I strongly advise anyone who sees Dynamic Diabetes Management (aka Sugar Surfing) mainly through the lens of lowering an A1C to take a step back and think about what is truly important in living each day with diabetes. To me, that’s a sense of empowerment.

Please keep this thought in mind when you choose to manage diabetes “dynamically”.

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