Sugar Surfing Lesson #11: It's not a meal plan

More people have been reading and hearing about Sugar Surfing. Doctors and diabetes educators have been starting to discuss Dynamic Diabetes methodology in their offices. With this rapid growth in awareness, wrong assumptions might be made about what Sugar Surfing is and what it is not. Because the word “Sugar” is used to describe this decision-making process, some may assume it endorses eating sugar, and seem put off. This is false.

Sugar Surfing is a metaphor. Those who have mastered its principles or who have read the book know this. It’s a reference to our ever shifting blood sugar levels, not sucrose (table sugar) or even carbohydrates in general. Sugar Surfing is a dynamic approach to decision making. It considers more than just a blood sugar level and a measured amount of food. Sugar Surfing does not prescribe what a person or child with diabetes should eat or drink. Those choices are very personal.

What's eaten is important to know and understand in Sugar Surfing. Food is one of several pieces of highly valuable information used to make ‘in the moment’ self-care choices. Surfers profile the effects of a food or meals using the blood sugar trendline of a CGM device as shown here.