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Sugar Surfing™ for the School Nurse

More students and their families are Sugar Surfing™ at school. In an effort to provide a concise summary of dynamic diabetes management for school nurses, go to and download Sugar Surfing™ for School Nurses. It was produced with the input of school nurses, Sugar Surfing moms and diabetes educators.

I ask that you please share the link rather than your downloaded copy of the file as we would like to know where this information is being accessed the most.

This handout is intended to brief the school nurse on Dynamic Diabetes Management concepts. Please use this information to complement your existing individual diabetes medical management plan (e.g., 504 plan) at your child's school or care facility. Please share the link with all your social media contacts as well. This handout can also be used as a concise summary for others who want a "big picture" view of Sugar Surfing but have not read the book or regularly follow this page.

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