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Sugar Surfing Lesson #8: micro-dosing

Pivoting is one of the first Dynamic Diabetes methods used by new Sugar Surfers. How far can self-directed blood sugar trending be taken? In my opinion: all the way to maintaining normal blood sugar trends. As long as you glance and keep your head in the game, Sugar Surfing has NO limits.

Advanced Sugar Surfing invokes the art of micro-dosing. Here is an example of micro-carbing. Notice the small amount of rapid acting carbs used by a 70 kg adult type 1 to nudge the BG trend line upward. Smaller individuals might need even less to nudge; it's very individual and must be learned and refined by the Surfer and/or their family.

Notice the time it took 4 grams of fast carbs to create the BG rise effect: over 20 minutes. This means PATIENCE (a core virtue of all Surfers) is needed. This result was not an accident either. It is the result of ongoing PRACTICE using smaller than usual doses of insulin or carbs (under safe and controlled circumstances), to define an effective dosing range to slightly redirect the trend line where you want it to go.

When practicing this, failure may occur, even when you are experienced. The BG might rise too much, or not at all. This does not mean the Surfer gives up. On the contrary, staying in the game is what should happen next. Keep working on it. This is why PERSEVERANCE is the third "P" of the Sugar Surfer's approach to micro-dosing for ultra tight control when you want it. Share this tip.

In the next example, a microbolus of rapid acting insulin is used to "adjust" a steady trendline to a lower level. Like the above example, you can see where patience would be a virtue. Steering the glycemic trendline is one aim of Sugar Surfing. Micro-dosing, whether by injection or an insulin pump, allows for targeting specific blood sugar ranges in ways never thought possible without a fully automated insulin delivery system.

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