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Overbearing or Coach?

Someone recently whispered in my ear that the posts on my pages are occasionally coming across as overbearing to some. Perhaps to the point of being intimidating. I was also told that most people who Surf are not medical professionals and might live alone and also have much of their own excellent personal experience living and conquering their diabetes.

Certainly these are all excellent point and I agreed with some of them. But I also would add that anyone who knows me and the purpose of these posts and pages (and my book and workshops) knows that my intent has and will always be to empower, not intimidate or indirectly shame in any way.

I have also shown images of very challenging days Surfing using my CGM. Many are discussed in my workshops. I certainly can relate to the diabetes frustration and burnout felt by many of you out there.

But I DO post success examples often to help visually teach, not intimidate. But let me state here that I create and share these posts to educate and inform, NOT to indirectly intimidate or boast.

Coaches like to encourage their trainees and I aim to do that as much as I can. Failure has been my best teacher. No doubt it has also been yours as well. I will aim to include more examples of hard days and how I tried to Surf through them.

Blessings to you all on this holiday weekend (if you live in the US). Otherwise I wish everyone a pleasant and restorative weekend wherever you might live in the world.

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