D-Education Tech Goes Wayback

diabetes education in the cloud
As part of developing some new diabetes education technology, I visited The Wayback Machine. If you've never been there you might find it very interesting to see how pretty much every website and page looked over time. For example, here's a page from Diabetech.net in 2005:
Virtual CDE from the Diabetech Internet Archive
Among other things, we had just launched a new product called "Virtual CDE"™. It was a mobile cloud based system for delivering simple profile driven diabetes education directly to patients.
To use it was very simple. Just enter your mobile phone # and tell the system a little bit about yourself. Then, every few days, you received a message. Sometimes it was just a text. Other times it was a link to a video. Other times it might ask a question. And so on...

As pretty much every attempt at diabetes education, a few people really took it on and loved it. Most people thought it was too much work.


Copied from http://diabetech.net (February 2005)

Introducing Virtual-CDE™

Introducing a little helper for anyone living or working with diabetes…and a little educational intervention at those teachable moments.

The challenges of diabetes are best co-managed by a team of important players: the person with diabetes, their family, doctors, nurses, teachers, CDEs and other specialists. Virtual CDE is the easiest way to connect a person with diabetes to their extended team.

The Virtual CDE system consists of:

1. Mobile Data Management

  • ​Virtual Log Book

  • VCDE Notify

  • VCDE Request

  • VCDE Reminder

  • VCDE Report

2. QuickTips Educational Modules

Diabetech®’s Virtual Loop™ is the only technology available today that solves the problem of keeping the team on the same page while also helping to reinforce CDE delivered education – the foundation of every successful D-Team.