Pop Quiz for Surfers

Not this surfer and not by Mr. Hand.

Definable and reproducible patterns on CGM blood sugar trend plots are meant to be interpreted and used by a Sugar Surfer for immediate self-care decision making. Looking at these plots often and searching for common patterns is part of the practice of Sugar Surfing. Once competent with this skill, the Surfer begin to apply his/her knowledge of what has recently happened (food, stress, insulin doses both basal in nature as well as for meals and corrections) and combines these data with what is happening (or about to happen soon) ‘in the moment”: e.g., a long car drive, a soccer match, birthday party, banquet, or just a quiet afternoon reading a book at home. This is what Sugar Surfing is about: managing in the moment.

To some, especially those not familiar with the use of continuous glucose monitoring, breaking from the dogma of strictly managing to historically identified trends and adherence to strict regimens can be quite alarming. Looking at old blood sugar information and your self-care actions (or omissions) from days or weeks past (i.e., logbook) IS helpful, but only in the sense of giving you the best idea of what might happen next under similar circumstances. You need a rough idea of what to expect and b