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Sugar Surfers Like To Test The Waters

Sugar Surfing requires creativity and some safe experimentation. Outdated static methods and directives only act to rob us of exploring the "what if's" of our self management which are needed to unlock the unique aspects of our diabetes. In this example, a 10 gram serving of yogurt was eaten while the trending blood sugar was around 70 mg/dl (3.9 mmol/L). A decision was made to see what would happen if NO rapid acting insulin was taken. You can see what transpired in the first image.

This action was taken without any shifting basal insulin delivery rates because I am not wearing an insulin pump here. I take a single basal insulin dose (insulin degludec:Tresiba). If I had done this omission test during a change in basal rates, outcomes could have been different.

It's important to note that only a 10 gram carb food had a rather substantial sugar raising effect. I'm also a 165 lb adult (75 kg) man. Imagine if this was a 50 pound (23 kg) child and how much higher this might have risen. Furthermore, some PWD's and CWD's don't routinely bolus insulin for snacks, which are often in the range of 15-30 grams of carbs each.

Insulin omission for even small carb meals or snacks can have profound effects. Sugar Surfers often conduct "what if" experiments under carefully observed circumstances to see the effect of such omissions. This is discussed in the book Sugar Surfing.

In the second image showing the follow through, a two step pivot move was used to get back into range. That's a classic Sugar Surfing move.

Take home message: the power of omission is not to be underestimated. Whether it's insulin or carbs, Sugar Surfers harness the power of 'action' as well as 'inaction' when learning to master the ability to steer the ebb and flow of blood sugar levels in their bodies. To learn more, get a copy of Sugar Surfing or attend a 2017 Sugar Surfing Workshop.

Please share your experiments here and share this information with potential Surfers.

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