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What is "Dynamic Diabetes Management"?

Dynamic Diabetes Management is better known as Sugar Surfing. The image below describes what this form of diabetes self care is all about. It's the result of 'glances' of the BG trend (done by the Surfer and which vary in their frequency) combined by choices made to 'act' or 'not act'. The power of omission is not to be underestimated. Sugar Surfing is diabetes management in the moment. It transcends static insulin dosing formulas which don't take your BG trending pattern into consideration.

In this image, arrows point to measureable actions. They include insulin doses and food (carb) intake. What is NOT shown are the multiple glances (less than 2 seconds each) and the decisions made to NOT ACT. These are much greater in number than the arrows you see.

This process does not have to consume all your time any more than the time spent glancing at your car's dashboard or mirrors detracts from your ability to effectively drive your vehicle.

Just remember: your diabetes control is the result of your ACTIONS as well as your OMISSIONS. And omissions are not inherently negative any more than actions are inherently positive.

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