"The Wall"

“The Wall”

The journey to combat my own for of diabetes-related "learned helplessness" (LH) in some ways began over 25 years ago. I learned an invaluable lesson about living well with type 1 diabetes in a most unconventional way. It has remained with me ever since. It was the early 1990's and I was working at the Texas Lions Camp diabetes sessions in Kerrville as the camp’s Medical Director. That afternoon I was covering camper activities at the high element ropes course. There was a new 75 foot climbing wall that the campers would attempt to scale and ring a small victory bell at the top. After all the campers had their turn to climb up and ring the bell, the adult staff were invited to participate. I was quite eager to do it.

However, every climbing attempt I made proved futile. I'd get no more than 10 to 20 feet up and fall back. Time and time again I failed. I soon became very frustrated. At that point the excuses began to flow from my mouth: I sai