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The subtle touch

Accomplished Sugar Surfers master the art of 'subtle touch'. They know the circumstances behind a low range BG level and can apply just the correct amount of force to 'correct' the situation. In Sugar Surfing™ , this method is called "micro-carbing". It's the twin sibling of "micro-bolusing" with rapid acting insulin. Both methods are core Sugar Surfing skills.

It usually requires less time to raise a low blood sugar level compared to lowering an elevated value with insulin. In both situations, patience is a virtue.

The situation (operative conditions) leading up to this action is shown on the left side of the image. After drinking 6 grams of 100% Welch's grape juice (a high glycemic index carb), followed by a period of waiting (30-40 minutes), the BG gradually shifts into an acceptable range. This speaks to the core virtue of PATIENCE discussed in the book.

Of course as the level starts rising in the early stages of the correction, I feel the positive effect of this action. I just keep an eye on the trend line to make sure I don't overshoot my mark. In the early days of my diabetes I treated lows until I felt "better". That typically meant I consumed far more corrective carbs than I really needed. Many of us tend to get a bit panicky and err on the side of overtreatment. Most children and teens over treat their lows. In the pre-Surfing era, this was understandable.

Even if the "Rule of 15" had been used in this situation, my BG would have risen much higher than needed. This example used a little more than one third of a standard carbohydrate "correction" for a low blood glucose level.

Sugar Surfers know the situation and how it influences subsequent actions. Without this basic situational awareness the standard "one size fits all" approach to treating a low BG would result in a less desirable outcome in many cases. But no doubt it would have been HIGHLY effective in raising my BG this scenario.

For example, had my blood sugar been falling steadily and quickly at 69 mg/dL [3.8 mmol/L], a much larger fast-acting carbohydrate 'counter-force' would have been consumed with close watching. It's these operative conditions which give the necessary context to adjust the self-care response which best matches the challenge.

Sugar Surfing is about mastering the ability to steer one's BG trend line. It takes patience, consistency and resilience. Learn much more about this by reading the book Sugar Surfing.

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