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All these gadgets, gizmos and thingamabobs: What influences diabetes control?

It's exciting when we find Sugar Surfing™ making inroads to the professional community.

"...There are different levels of usage of CGM. It can be used retrospectively to learn from previous decisions (what worked well/what didn’t), but can also be used pro-actively to make real-time adjustments. The pro-active approach is quite different from the standard model of diabetes management and can take a lot of confidence and practice. Many healthcare professionals may struggle with this approach, but it is our duty to provide our patients with the information, knowledge and confidence to use this expensive treatment to its fullest. The best example I have come across with this is Sugar Surfing by Ponder and McMahon (2015). It is an excellent read for all healthcare professionals..."

Source: Journal of Diabetes Nursing Volume 20 No 6 2016

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